Jenée Naquin

A Bon Vivant from Cajun Louisiana turned New Yorker, living a life with that certain something special.

As a handbag designer, I created everything from one-of-a kind jewel encrusted bags for the Hollywood elite to bags for the masses stocked in American department stores. This job takes me around the world to Europe for shopping trips and to China and Bali for manufacturing and production. My latest handbag venture was in the tech luxury space, launching a start-up making customized handbags using an online app. 

During that time I founded and write the fashion lifestyle blog and most recently started a digital marketing agency


1 Atelier, Monet, Beirn, Adriana Castro, Anthony Luciano, Christie Alfie, Dana Buchman, Jessica Simpson

What I love

Matinées at Paris Theater, On the Street-Online, Baby Thighs, Throwing Soirées, Boudin and Buying Flowers

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