Tops, onesies and accessories that will let your kids wear equality on their sleeves. 

When I first heard of the Women's march in November 2016, I was in. It was no easy feat to procure a ticket as so many women felt the same way. Up before dawn on a cold January morning, a long bus ride to DC, on our feet all day marching on Pennsylvania Avenue and back to mothering the next day was exhilarating then exhausting. 'But still she persisted" and we shall let our little girls and boys know that bigotry has no place in the utopia we want for all of us.

I prefer taking a light hearted approach to uncomfortable situations, when possible, as my southern nature informs me to catch bees with honey. My choice to use fashion as self expression has always been my Method of Operating and the latest revolutionary slogan tees and onesies are a great place to start the conversation. 

Keep in mind, not everyone likes honey....too bad they are missing out on one of life's sweetest gifts.