They Call it "Glamping"

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After returning from a trip to Colorado where we took full advantage of the outdoors and Rocky Mountains, I read about these tents in The New York Times which make camping, Glamping. If only I had known sooner about these off-the-ground tents, no one would have had a rock in their back all night.

Really I am a Troop Beverly Hills Girl at heart, but since marrying a "mountain man" I've learned a new appreciation for the outdoors. Growing up in Louisiana in the summer it is way too hot, with way too many mosquitos for outdoor activities.

If I could do our camping trip all over again, it would be exactly the same except I would get tent #9 from Kamp-Rite.

Hike into the woods with good company. Use team work to cross streams with only a tree trunk beneath you. 
Wear really bright clothing so that no one looses you. (too bad you can't see the knee socks - they are actually functional in keeping away scratches from thorny plants)
More Camping Style Tips:

  • Braids are a great idea for long hair because you don't have to brush your hair (or a braided bun).
  • Pack light clothes bc you will carry them on your back, but make sure some are warm like fleece and under armour bc the mountains get cold at night. Remember Layers.
  • Pack Only comfortable clothes that are washable
  • Bring pre moistened face towellets for night time clean up
  • Don't forget sunscreen and mosquito repellant
  • Empty ziplock backs can hold small trash items to throw away later***
  • Bathing suit optional

Learn to Fish. I wish I had a video of Ari's first cast. It was straight out of a slap stick movie. It whipped all the way around and attached to a tree on his left. Eventually we got the hang of it.
The water is really clear in Colorado (another reason being outdoors in Louisiana is not as appetizing - Though muddy water sorta reminds me of Gumbo which is really appetizing !!!! )

This picture perfectly capture the wild weather of Colorado. At one moment you are hot and the other moment, freezing. 
My Turn.
Set up Camp. 
Make a Fire = Caveman TV

Cook dinner - Trout caught from the Lake

This is part of Jenée Sais Quoi's Month of Adventure - from booking the flight to showing up in style and personalizing your drink order even if you fly economy.  Happy Trails to You.