American Cars & Cajun Grandmothers

American Made. On the 4th of July

My grandmother may have been born in American but she was made in Louisiana.
This photo was taken by my dad last year just before my grandmother sold her 1984 Buick LeSabre: a car given as much love and attention as New Yorkers give they tiny dogs.

She drove one of the last All American Cars left on the rode. It's sheer size reminds us of a time of cheap gas and brand new highways.

Though, speaking of her, while she may have been born a U.S citizen, it took a while for her to become "American ". She grew up Cajun in the rural country side of Louisiana where they only spoke French, only got news from their neighbors because they had no electricity for a radio, and danced every weekend to Cajun French music.

Herself and Her Buick are amazing Chapters of American history.

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