My Favorite Five - Dec 15' 14

At our house it's officially Christmakkah Season (Christmas & Hanukkah)!!!

Here is how to mash it all together (with a little bump essentials too)

1_ 3-D MATERNITY SHIRT - for Christmas. I love playing around the bump by accentuating it with accessories. Making the ornament 3-D is pretty amusing to me.




- When I first moved to NYC my mom bought be a tiny fiber optic tree for my tiny NYC apt. Even tho I now have a much bigger apt, 11 years later, I still love my little fiber optic tree! The best part is that it only takes 2 steps to set up. A) Get it off the shelf in my closet B) Insert the tree into the stand and plug in! DONE!



- When I first moved to NYC my mom got me a tiny fiber optic tree for my tiny NYC apartment. 11 years later I have a much bigger apartment but still love my simple, small tree. I can set it up in minutes and the glow of the fiber optic lights is still fun to watch in the dark. I have a feeling when the bump FINALLY arrives, s/he will like it too. 



 - We discovered this menorah at a candle shop in Woodstock and could not stop thinking of it. Finally Ari found one closer to home on Avenue J.  The white porcelain camels are so chic. Camels are also part of the nativity scene, so it's a perfect Christmakkah menorah



- My 

friend, Jill Broduer, makes these really hot pouches in leather. They are custom made so you can have your personal mark or initials monogrammed on it. Recently she made this one with a Star of David which would make a really cool Hanukkah gift. 



My Favorite Five Oct 20 '14

1_ NESTING is certainly what I'm doing at 33 weeks pregnant. The maternal instincts have kicked in and I'm making a cozy, comfortable place for the baby to be. In Brooklyn, even tho it's a little roomier than Manhattan, savy space saving skills are still required. I have searched all over for furniture from antiques to crate & barrel, but Ikea still rules when it comes to space saving furniture. The


shoe cabinet actually looks nice/ grown up and is perfect for some quick storage by the doorway for things like winter accessories as we head out with our winter baby. 



needs to move to the top of your moving watching list, pronto. If you did not see it in theaters this past summer, Autumn is even more apropos. I don't want to spoil the plot but I fell in love with John Turturro after watching this. It's the kind of movie you wish would never end. 



is what I discovered this week. As I head into the home stretch with an already big and still growing bump I had to figure out how to face the elements, stylishly. I used to not like capes so much because I thought they made me look pregnant. But when you are pregnant - they look really cute over the bump! 



is rocking my world right now. I wake up singing it. Maybe it's because so many people reference babies moving in your stomach to aliens. In some ways it is very "alien", but more than that it truly is one of the sweetest feelings in the entire world. In any case, David Bowie rules. 



doesn't have to be so baby. I love this item from Pottery Barn Kids (and I didn't know I liked stuff from Pottery barn ?!?!) I love the open design for items pretty enough to display along with drawer space. Great Concept. 



My Favorite Five - 10/10/14



 is so cool. As you know, I lived in my Rachel Comey Comrad Shoeties all summer and now excited to see what she is doing in the bag arena. It stays in line with her "offbeat charm".



by Stephen Chow is a cult classic must to add to your list of great films. It was playing at


over the weekend so I had a date with my baby's daddy to see it since he loves Kung Fu and I love anything Chinese. You know it's good when you walk out and see everyone mimicking the kung fu moves from the movie - us included. My move was the "Lion Roar". Now you have to watch it to find out :)

3_ EMBELLISHED SWEATSHIRTS are even better than plain sweatshirts! Thank god for this trending staple. It's so comfy, warm and fits bumps. Then you have designer brands like

Christopher Kane

which make this "CutAway Shoulder Embellished Sweatshirt". It's one of my favorite things right now. 



is another cult classic that will never get old. I cleaned out the house all weekend or what some call "nesting". The White Album was part of the cleaning soundtrack so it's on my mind. It's also special to me because there is one song with the baby's possible name (if it's a girl)  Any guesses???



are one of my new favorite shoes this season. The designer sneaker trend is right up there with the sweatshirt trend -- BRING IT ON! 

Dude Summer Style

Recently C'est Fou requested my shopping expertise. His summer wardrobe was already worn out and it was time for some newness. We met on 5th Avenue and spent the afternoon in dressing rooms. The results are pretty hot.
C'est Fou inside of Zara

Next week C'est Fou's shopping trip will be documented on Jenée Sais Quoi along with a Full Fashion Show. If you liked the Sarong Fashion show, this one will be even better. 

Check back on Saturday July 27TH to see how this went down.

C'est Fou and his stylist on Fifth Avenue

A Gumbo of Southern & Posh

Söpö: A boutique that manages to capture the zany side of the city's character while remaining poised and refined
Sopo New Orleans, Dressing Room
SÖPÖ = Southern Posh
Smart, Zany, & Inviting
Sopo Nola Sinage

Sopo Boutique New Olreans

As I stepped into Söpö, there was so much to look at, and I wanted to look at it all. This is the kind of boutique that beckons your attention and your gift giving spirit. There are so many items you want for yourself and if not for yourself, then you know someone you would want to give it to.

The item that got me into the store was a very unique accessory that they carry by artist: Ellen Macomber. It's a screen printed silk scarf with a New Orleans road map.  It's the perfect mix of kitsch and class and a truly tasteful souvenir from NOLA.

Taken by surprise, SÖPÖ has great gifts for the boys too. For instance, they carry a very dapper selection of bow ties and pocket squares for the true Southern Gentleman. Oh, and this iconic New Orleans Map print can also be found on a bow tie, pocket square and neck tie as well.
bow ties

pocket squares
Pocket Squares by Fox & Brie
neck ties

pocket squares
Pocket Squares with NOLA map

Anyone that has visited the city of New Orleans knows that it's slightly off-kilter (and that is what makes it wonderful). The appreciation for the unconventional is alive and well at SÖPÖ where porcelain crawfish and alligators at the bottom of a coffee cup show the easy going, joking manner of this city's inhabitants.
porcelain coffee cups

art akimbo mustache stand
Sunglasses and a place to rest them

art akimbo mustache stand

Sopo New Orleans Boutique, dolls
Cake Toppers
ginger coloring book
Coloring Book
baby clothes
For Babies!

ellen macomber art
Glass Art by Ellen Macomber
pop art, elephant head
Pop Safari Art

ellen macomber art
Class art by Ellen Macomber

serving tray

Sopo New Orleans Boutique
Once you get past all of the housewares, stationary, handbags, jewelry, baby clothes & toys, and everything else on the 1st floor that you were not aware you had to have, the 2nd floor is like your dream walk-in closet.  The women that own & operate Söpö, Robin & Britta, truly know what they are doing when selecting the apparel for SOPO.  There is attire you not only want to celebrate in, but really live in. It would be hard to not walk away with at least one new piece for your wardrobe since everything in here is so inviting.
dressing room
The Dressing Room
dressing room

rope necklace
rope necklace
black and white necklace
cowgirl boots
porter lyons earrings
Porter Lyons Mineral Earrings

These earrings need no story to enhance their desirability but I was even more hooked when I learned designer, Ashley Porter, made these of a Louisiana Mineral. Cheers to the Local movement.
Hansel from Basil Bobby Socks

Umm Cute Socks... We all know how I feel about Sweet Socks and Wedge Sandals - In LOVE.
porter lyons jewelry
more Jewelry by Porter Lyons
eve gravel dress
My Favorite dress by Eve Gravel

Sopo New Orleans Boutique

This Boutique in New Orleans' Mid City Neighborhood is an instant favorite rather you are a tourist or a local. Söpö truly offers one of the finer shopping experiences in New Orleans. If you can't make it to NOLA, check out their website.

629 North Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, LA

Vintage Shopping in New Orleans at Lili's

vintage clothing, new orlenas A few summers ago I read an amazing hot pink book called Eccentric Glamour by Simon Doonan. It left me not only entertained, but well fashion advised. Though, I will never forget Chapter 5 when Simon seems to cringe at the thought of Vintage Clothes because he is afraid of ghosts. You see, I love Vintage Clothing and know that a wardrobe is not truly complete with out a few pieces. So if you are an "Existentialist or Gypsie" like me, as Simon points out, then "your whole point of view is contingent upon augmenting your wardrobe with the kind of unique and eccentric pieces that can be found only at vintage emporiums."

While Shopping in New Orleans, Louisiana a few weeks ago I found my new favorite Vintage Boutique - Lili. It is extremely well merchandised (which means the buyer has amazing taste), and it does not smell vintage (she has all items cleaned and repaired). I found some serious Cocktail dresses and dresses that make me want to get married again!

Lili Vintage Boutique
Unique, Discerningly Tasteful, Southern Pretty

Vintage hats Vintage Cocktail Dress, New Orleans Vintage cocktail dress, new orleans vintage gown, new orleans wicker handbags, vintage vintage wedding dress vintage wedding dress vintage cocktail dress

and now, for the grande finale ... a Gorgeous, Wintery, Vintage Wedding dress

This is the Veil
vintage wedding dress vintage wedding dress Vintage wedding dress

take my word for it....
Lili Vintage Boutique
3329 Magazine St.
New Orleans, Louisiana

PRETTY & PUNK. Outfit Ideas inspried by CHAOS to COUTURE

Chaos to Couture: Girly Punk

Like most museum goers and fashion faithful, I've been counting down the days to the opening of "Punk: Chaos to Couture" at the Met.  Boys in eyeliner, Hard Spiky Hair, Leather Everything, Safety pins, Studs, the Clash - oh the Punk culture has given us so much. I certainly have a soft spot for all things punk but prefer less grime on my person. Hence, this is how a girly girl does punk (tho, I am known for not liking to wash my hair often enough...)

Chaos to Couture: Girly Punk
Chaos to Couture: Girly Punk
Add caption
Chaos to Couture: Girly Punk
Chaos to Couture: Girly Punk
Chaos to Couture: Girly Punk
Chaos to Couture: Girly Punk
Chaos to Couture: Girly Punk
The perfectly pink backdrop was provided by the Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Emily showed up in her signature mint jeans. She has always loved this color, and now it's the hottest color for Spring 13 especially next to pink. For me, I threw on my favorite Silver Lame party dress, some cool black leggings, sweatshirt and leather jacket.

I like black and pink together :)  That's what makes it Pretty Punk

Restricted Ballet Flats  |||  Dress |||  B+AB Tights  |||  DKNY Sweatshirt  ||| Leather Jacket  ||| Mint Jeans joe Fresh  |||   Kristine Moore Necklace

What do you envision when you think of Punk Style??? Would you wear it???

Shopping for Mother's Day - Made Easy

It's Mother's Day this Sunday, in case you missed all of the advertisements in your inbox. Translation - you need to buy or plan something because ladies like presents!!!

Thankfully joining Jenée Sais Quoi, is our very own shopping Guru, Jille B. You need to shop from something in particular, ask Jille B. You need a present for someone, ask Jille B.
She is "The Guru of Shopping"

So I put her to the test and asked her for some Mother's Day present ideas. She covers the gamut from designer shoes to spending time together. It takes a thoughtful person to be a good shopper.  (oh and good taste helps)

In Jille B's own words, here is how she landed on these gifts for showing your mom "she is a badass".
...the anklet because I'm a sucker for dainty jewelry. It's so sweet, what's not to like. Plus, the price is good. You could buy two, one for mom and one for you :) It comes in gold and silver. It's nice to have choices. Also, I am in LOVE with Sydney Evans (micro pave and sweet script!) but not a lover of the price for gifts. I was happy to see her SHY by Sydney Evans line. It keeps her designs but without the price. I loved the detail of the solitaire bezel diamond off set. Something for personalization: I thought the Charlotte Olympia zodiac smoking slipper was great. The silhouette is on trend and the enamel zodiac jewelry amazing! 
Every mom loves yummy treats and flowers, nothing says it more than the best cupcakes ever from Georgetown and the most amazing colorful bouquet.
Lastly, spend time with mom - a lovely bike ride with a basket full of flower, perhaps.

Jille B

Outfit Ideas: For Baby Bumps

maternity clothes

Showing off your best asset (the bump) when you are expecting, can be a challenge for many reasons. Hence, even though I do not have personal experience in this area, today's post is for all of the questions I have received wondering how to still look put together when one's body morphs into a new silhouette.

I consulted a few ladies who have been through the process and did some on the ground research with my friend Ali, who is expecting, at one of her favorite hip Maternity Boutiques in Brooklyn, Bump.

maternity clothes
Wow!! A Maternity Romper - Now that is Stylish. This is from the brand Fragile
maternity clothes
maternity clothes
baby bumpThis was our favorite dress. A witty stork print & fun summer look from Maternal America. It's fitting for a casual work day and nice for weekend get-togethers.We also realized color blocking & belts are key to showing off your lovely new shape and avoid looking HUGE.

Here is the (skinny) on what to purchase during these precious months and how to wear it.

Go Inexpensive: These pieces are not classic pieces that will stick around in your wardrobe for long, so the bulk of this new look should not cost so much. Unless you have tons of money to throw around (and if you do, you really should not spend it all on yourself).
These retailers we all know have cute inexpensive maternity lines: Target by Liz Lange, the Gap & Old Navy

Stretch your budget & you pants: with Bellaband (from bump) It will turn your fav jeans and pants into maternity jeans.
Items that make you feel special: While the basics are great, from above mentioned stores, now and then you will need a finer item for a special occasion or just to have fun shopping at a boutique again! Bump carries all of the chic labels in Maternity wear: Ripe Limited, Maternity America, Fragile & Michael Stars, just to name a few.  The pictures really say the rest.chew beads necklace
The Statement Necklace: The outfits do not need to be overly complicated. Words of wisdom from Ali:  Pants, A tank, A cardigan and.... A Statement Necklace.  Now this is where you can spend you money too since it will last longer than a pregnancy. It also is a great focal point. Remember that - FOCAL POINTS.
chew beads necklace baby
These are called Chew Beads - They are "mommy chic & baby Safe. Available at Bump

maternity dress
 Ali:   "Hey Jenée, this is so your style. Too bad it's a Maternity dress"

Jenée:  "Oh hold on - there is a strap-on Baby Bump in the dressing room. Now I can finally have some fun on this shopping excursion!!!!

great gatsby dress
I love this 20's inspired Great Gatsby Dress

pregnant clothes
Somehow I imagine this is what pregnancy is going to be like..... when that time comes.
For my expecting readers, I hope this gives you some outfit inspiration.

Any Advice?  What did/do do you love to wear when expecting? Leave a comment to share with everyone - secrets revealed.

First Wedding Anniversay = Paper Present

Oh no - It's almost our first anniversary and since I've been sick for half a month I've had no head space to plan the best 1st anniversary present ever. Starting now!!!!!!

...a look back...
rehersal supper wedding one year wedding anniversary

As a little girl coming across this traditional notion that the 1st wedding anniversary gift be PAPER - I was so puzzled - Who wants paper??? How is paper romantic???

Here I am still trying to figure this out.  So far this is what a quick internet search reveals:
wedding anniversary gift ideas

(1) a new book for summer
(2) paper plane cuff links
(3) a personalized journal
(4) a map of our travels
(5) custom printed coasters
(6) a handwritten love note
(7) framed keepsakes
(8) tickets to a sporting event 


Shopping: Finding a bit of New York in Porland


When in Portland it is imperative that one goes shopping to take advantage of No Sales Tax!!! Thankfully there are plenty of cool things to choose from.


Leanna NYC was my favorite boutique. I know, I go all the way to Portland to find a boutique named NYC. I suppose it's lofty space and WELL CURATED windows made me feel at home. But really, Lea knows what she is doing. There are tons of UNIQUE yet wearable finds and mostly priced at under $100 (and remember, no sales tax)

If my suitcase was not so small I would have walked out with much more.
So, I choose carefully: An eye catching, ochre colored, calf length, swish skirt was my perfect find.


Siman Tu: Enchanting, Opulent, Customized

During our marathon jewelry shopping - My absolute favorite stop of the day was at Siman Tu Jewelry Gallery
Siman Tu's Storefront on Lexington Ave.

Jill, who works with Siman on Saturdays, first greeted us. Then the fabulous and fabulously sweet, Siman, welcomed us to his "Enchanted Forest" The decor that surrounds the jewels is that of tree limbs, flowers, canaries in birdcages, and friendly gold fish. It truly is Enchanting.
                                                                                             (enchant – fill with great delight; charm)

My first image of Siman will forever be ingrained in my mind. He was a graceful presence in Winter White tones from head to toe. He was wearing pearl and metallic brocade pants that really showed his Opulent side which is very apparent in his designs.
(opulent- ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish)

On of the first things that caught my eye was a picture of Lilly Van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl.
Siman works with the stylist of Gossip Girl to create much of the jewelry worn on the show. If it’s good enough for Gossip Girl then it’s good enough for…
As seen on Gossip Girl - one of many looks - from Raw Denim website

The customer service could not have been better.  Jill and Siman know how to cater to you without pestering you.  They lend their good taste but never pressure you. One of the best services is that pretty much everything is Customizable. If it is made in silver and you want it in gold, he can do that. If it is shown in a blue stone and you want it in green, he can do that. Since he is the designer and makes all of the jewelry on the premises, he can make these modifications somewhat quickly.
(customize- to make or alter to individual or personal specifications)

The jewelry at Siman Tu is breathtakingly gorgeous.  It is the perfect place to shop for a special occasion or just for a quality, designer jewelry piece to add to your collection. He also has special Bridal pieces for your hair and can make veils/ birdcages… He is happy to work with you to make a special creation.

Me with Siman in his gallery wearing the Chandelier Earings

A stunning Jade necklace with Swaroski elements by Siman
These earrings are so much fun
They definitely say Party

On Verve website : Click here to find

Standing near some of the more traditional Bridal wear


From Trendy to Vintage to Classic - IT'S ALL HERE

Planning a wedding from New York is a huge privilege, if you enjoy shopping. With all of the options this metropolis has to offer in the way of bridal boutiques, jewelry shops, shoes, a plethora of artists ready to make custom couture anything, a girl/or boy never has to settle.

My Google map of shopping trip

Yesterday was devoted whole heartedly to shopping for bridal jewels !!!!!!!!

As mentioned before in A WEDDING COLOR STORY, the color Jade was incorporated because I wanted to wear Jade jewelry. The bright green color is stunning with a white dress and the gem holds special powers that I want surrounding me on that day.

Since Dana is doing some wedding research of her own and she is my partner in crime, we had a date to meet in the morning on the Upper East Side where we would meander our way down to the Lower Ease Side.

Attached is a map of our Shopping Journey with Descriptions of each place. I hope this makes the next bride's shopping pursuit a little easier.

Click here to launch Google Maps.

Below are some photos taken along the way....

Jennifer Miller Jewelry on the Upper East Side : jennifer miller jewelry website
Simon Tu's on Upper East Side : Simon Tu website

Pilgrim in Lower east Side

Wendy Mink in the Lower East Side

Wendy MInk: Wendy Mink Website

Too Much Chanel?

Is it possible to have on too much Chanel? ? ? ? ?

Most stylists/ editors recommend mixing up a look with high end and low end like throwing in a bit of vintage or H&M (mass market retailer with fashionable, inexpensive clothing and accessories) with your Bergdorf (luxury department store with designer goods).

But what about Chanel head to toe - or head to toe nail?

Personalization: Timeless, Pedigreed, Anti-Globalism

Initials and the art of Monogramming are back in full force. While Monogramming is timeless, it goes through lulls especially during Minimalist trends seen in the 90s. Still even during lulls, it is never out of fashion which makes it a classic and timeless look.

The sight of monogrammed towels, shirt collars, Lands End fleece pullovers...  has an air of sophistication and pedigree as it denotes distinction and quality.

My Dad's Shirt circa 1984 and now My shirt, since we share initials

Rhinestone Rings - My Own from Brooklyn 4 Play in Park Slope

Studio Manhattan Vintage at Bryant Park Holiday Shops - Looking Glass Necklace w/ Initial


Initials are uniquely our own, even if some are shared, since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet.  In the new age of globalism where everything is starting to look the same, we still crave being distinct and special. I think the rise in monogramming and wearing of initials is an Anti-Globalism movement to distinguish ourselves and our products.

At the
Bryan Park Holiday Market,
Studio Manhattan Vintage: Booth # G10
was one of the most "unique" namely because it was full of initials!

See images here of different ways to adorn your self with your very own letters. You can even where the letters of someone you love. 

Studio Manhattan Vintage - Initial Charm Bracelets
Studio Manhattan Vintage - Charm Initials: Rhinestones set in antique Brass

Monogramming at J.Crew

C.Wonder: Preppy Monograms, Quirky, Henri Bendel

The C.Wonder adds said, It's what you have been waiting for your whole life 

If what you have been waiting for is a Henri Bendels with cheaper prices and below 14th
Street... Then it IS!

From outside on Spring street - People everywhere
It was Wonder mania outside on Spring street with a que to enter and girls outside in bright pink vests with give-aways.

Once inside, I headed to handbags on the right.  All of the basics were covered, as well as and the trends of fall 2011: color blocking & hair calf. Girls already carrying Longchamp nylon totes, were eyeing the nylon totes with prominent Gold C plaques.
C.Wonder Handbags - Nylon Tote Featured

Housewares in the back left of store
The house ware section was my favorite. Though, perhaps this is because I like anything Chinoiserie, and even the wallpaper was toile Chinese scenes. Aside from the Blue and White printed porcelain, there were QUIRKY change dishes with images of pedigreed dogs - great presents for dog lovers!!!

The Jewelry collection is extensive and has many fun, Quirky pieces too featuring little animals and lots of charms. 

The Monogramming Center

In a world where logo is everything and everyone knows they are special, you can personalize almost anything you buy. For all the PREPPY girls that love their initials on their LL Bean and Goyard, the fun doesn't have to stop there. Set up in the store is a MONOGRAMMING area where you can bring your purchases to be either embroidered (soft goods) or embossed (hard goods). Again, great holiday presents with a special touch.
Front Window dressing

Shown in the front window are some housewares, the Quirky dog dish, moccasins, and the bright colors featured though out the store.

It's lots of fun packed into one store. I can't wait to see their holiday assortment.


The Weekend Find: 1 of a Kind Vintage
633 Vanderbilt Avenue, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Find the MadMan or MadWoman (or Halston, or Yves Saint Laurent or Givenchy) within here. This vintage store is certainly a gem; not to be confused with a trift store where everything is $20 or less. Though, the prices are extremely thrifty considering the handpicked, mint condition, scrutinized merchandise from which to choose.
The styles range from  Betty Draper-esqe attire fit for a lawn party to caftans for the modern Gypset heading to a drum circle. The men’s collection is perfectly hip with out being “too retro”. The accessories and nighties are the icing on the cake.
The dress I have pictured here eagerly awaits a spring party, a lawn party perhaps. It is  a novelty Hot Air Balloon Print in shades of lavender and olive. Just thinking about it on a dreary Monday was enough to make me smile.
1 Of A Kind Vintage is as wonderful as your most Nostalgic memory without the attic smell.