baby bump_ maternity fashion_lace dress_ hemline new orleans_ baby shower_ethnic jewelry

Like your wedding day, this is an occasion where all eyes are on you (and your bump), so it’s worth the effort to find just the right outfit.  As apropos as it will sound, something endearing and maternal is not a bad idea. Consider the fact that your mother, grandmothers (hopefully) and their friends will be there, so it’s not the time to exploit the inner sexy you might be feeling with your new embracement of womanhood. But trust me, there is a time and place for it!!!!
It’s also not the occasion for your maternity jeans unless it’s a cowgirl themed baby shower in a saloon.

So keep it wholesome, appropriate for the setting, and something in which you feel comfortable.

For baby shower #1 in Cajun Country, something with a feminine and vintage appearance works perfectly in this setting. As it is still quite warm even in late September no sleeves or tights are required. I borrowed from my sister this long, easy, lacy dress. The ivory lace has a sweetness appropriate for the celebration of a new sweet life and the easy silhouette was comfortable enough to move around greeting friends. Instead of accessorizing with the typical pearls or delicate jewelry one might feel inclined to don, I choose an array of ethnic jewelry I’ve collected from around the world to add some spice.
baby bump_ maternity fashion_lace dress_ hemline new orleans_ baby shower_ethnic jewelry

baby bump_ maternity fashion_lace dress_ hemline new orleans_ baby shower_ethnic jewelry

baby bump_ maternity fashion_lace dress_ hemline new orleans_ baby shower_ethnic jewelry

baby bump_ maternity fashion_lace dress_ hemline new orleans_ baby shower_ethnic jewelry

baby bump_ maternity fashion_lace dress_ hemline new orleans_ baby shower_ethnic jewelry

baby bump_ maternity fashion_lace dress_ hemline new orleans_ baby shower_ethnic jewelry

baby bump_ maternity fashion_lace dress_ hemline new orleans_ baby shower_ethnic jewelry

Earrings from Kenya – Kustawi brand : Silver bracelet from Bali : Wood carved bracelet from China : Bird Ring from Kristine Moore : Corsage from Pots & Petals : Dress from Hemline New Orleans : Polka dot Scarf from Estate Sale in Park Slope Brooklyn

It was a happy accident that the theme of the baby shower was TRAVEL! This baby will be born in the year of the Horse, which loves to roam.  More pics from the most beautiful baby shower I’ve ever been to (thanks mom & hostesses) coming this week!



Earlier this summer we were in Colorado at peak time to pick cherries in Ari's mom's yard. It was perfect. We ate more cherries in those few days than I typically eat all summer. If only I had more time, I could planned a recipe post for you!!  Perhaps next year I will be better prepared.

Taking advantage of the backdrop I pretended to be a sweet, graceful, French, country girl picking cherries in Provence.

The Yellow Ochre skirt and Ivory Battenburg blouse are accessorized with Bright Red Bing Cherries and a Resin Wood block necklace.This outfit idea also conceals a 16 week bump ;)



When one starts to expand into a new pregnant shape, which sometimes feels like in all directions and angles, comfort starts to become key.  I find that even thought I can still "fit" in some of my old clothes, I don't LIKE the way I "fit" in them.  I've never felt so frumpy as when I try to get dressed with these new masses of body parts.

Finding this dress at J.Crew (not part of their maternity line) was a key find. It's simple and sleek so it doesn't add any unnecessary bulk to my current cargo.

It's thin which keeps me cool in the summer and easy to move around in. Some days dressing up the bump is tons of fun. Other days simplicity is key. 

The accessories is where things can stay complex, or shall I say articulate. 



For most of summer we head East to Montauk, East Hampton and other Long Island beaches. Sometimes we go North for a more granola vibe in the Catskills. Yet last weekend we tried something completely new - THE JERSEY SHORE - more specifically: ATLANTIC CITY !!!

It's a place I've been curious about for a while now. I mean, how could I not be curious about a place with the persona of flashy lights, flashy casinos and flashy women. While packing I went with my gut (or bump) instinct and packed for the Glam Beach look mixed with a little Brooklyn.

My bump did not lead me wrong. My sequins, animal print, flourescent bikini and gold heat transfer designs were a perfect fit.


For the Casino - 
Sequins & accessorize with a poker visor
My Brooklyn touch is the full denim skirt. Could be worn with heels but I kept my MK sandal wedges on from the day.
Atlantic City_ Showboat Casino_ Poker Visor_ Atlantic City Fashion

Atlantic City_ Showboat Casino_ Poker Visor_ Atlantic City Fashion
Tank - J.Crew, Skirt - Gap, Wedges - MK Michael Kors, Visor - Vintage

Atlantic City_ Showboat Casino_ Poker Visor_ Atlantic City Fashion

Atlantic City_ Showboat Casino_ Poker Visor_ Atlantic City Fashion_MK fashion

Atlantic City_ Showboat Casino_ Poker Visor_ Atlantic City Fashion_style the bump

For the Beach - 
Animal print is alive and well in AC. Thank god I had this zebra print coverup which I pretty much just keep around these days in my costume drawer. I felt perfectly in place with it here. It even had the prerequisite AC glitz with a gold braided belt! In the case of flip flops, plain old Havaianas will not do. Studded sandals are way more appropriate. 

Underneath, I had a multi color flourescent bikini. Those pictures I'll leave out. I feel like I'll be exposing the baby all nakies !!!

Atlantic City Fashion_ Animal Prints_ Beach fashion_Maternity fashion_Summer Style_Jamin Puech
Top - Old H&M, Skirt - Belly Band, Wooden Jewelry from Bali, Sunglasses - Reed Krakoff, Bag - Jamin Puech, Sandals - Matt Bernson
Since I forgot a little black skirt I used my black belly band as a skirt instead. Voila Atlantic City Fashion_ Animal Prints_ Beach fashion_Maternity fashion_Summer Style_Jamin Puech
Atlantic City Fashion_ Animal Prints_ Beach fashion_Maternity fashion_Summer Style_Jamin Puech
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Atlantic City Fashion_ Animal Prints_ Beach fashion_Maternity fashion_Summer Style_Jamin Puech_Matt Bernson

For Saturday Night - 
I found, in the back of my closet (near the zebra cover-up), a dress that I usually find too flamboyant for even me. Its gold heat transfer flamingos don't typically fit the venues I visit these days. But Saturday night in AC, it had the chance for a revival. It's just revealing enough, but no to much for a mom-to-be ;)  On the feet and shoulders, I went Brooklyn with Rachel Comey shoeties and a Gap Chambray shirt. Every other girl had on glittery platform stilettos!! Not afraid of the boardwalk at all - Very Impressive. But I had to stick to my style, somewhat.  
Atlantic City Style_Black dress_Rachel Comey comrad shoes_ Maternity fashion_Summer style

Atlantic City Style_Black dress_Rachel Comey comrad shoes_ Maternity fashion_Summer style

Atlantic City Style_Black dress_Rachel Comey comrad shoes_ Maternity fashion_Summer style

Atlantic City Style_Black dress_Rachel Comey comrad shoes_ Maternity fashion_Summer style

Atlantic City Style_Black dress_Rachel Comey comrad shoes_ Maternity fashion_Summer style

The only thing missing to make all of these the absolute perfect AC ensembles is..... Can you guess ???

... Nail Art !  I didn't have the time and that is a bad excuse for a fashion blogger (but I do things other than blog). So just note: to complete your Atlantic City look - get yourself some NAIL ART.  

Luck be a lady tonight.


Home decor, Carnations, Bay Window decor, Initials, Brownstone

Being a House Guests comes with some Responsibilities, well if you ever want to be invited back. Summer is a time for long weekends away. Sometimes "away" means going to stay at a friend's beach or country house. Mind your manners and maintain your "jenée" sais quoi with a few simple impressions.

1. GIFTS - It is best to not show up empty handed. A small gesture goes a long way. Something for the home is most appropriate: flowers, a bottle for the bar,a scented candle or something you've baked. Though, if you do not know the taste of your host so well, it's ok to send a gift right after your departure once you have a better sense of what they might like. Also, you can pick something up during the weekend while shopping that you find suitable and present it on your last day.
lillet, lillet rose, apertif, french, summer drinks

One of my favorite gifts in the summer which is always fun and unique is a bottle of Lillet (Rosé if you can find it!) Gifting wine can be tricky but Lillet is a perfect summer aperitif enjoyed by anyone with the slightest sense of adventure or culture. Sometimes I order mine from Aster Wine. 
Lillet Rosé Cocktails

2. THANK YOU NOTES - Always always always send a handwritten Thank you note no less than 2 days after leaving your host. Done.
stationary, etsy, personalized startionary, snail mail
There are many great stationary option on Etsy, like this one

3. MAKE YOUR BED - What ever you do, don't be a slob. The simple gesture of making your bed each morning goes a long. If you don't get what I mean, Leave a comment. We can discuss :)

It doesn't have to be perfect, but at least a very good attempt - I love this one. 


Outfit Ideas | Fashion Cliff Notes

urban outfitter_bathing suit_ yellow bikini_ sun taker towel_montauk_girl on beach

Recently my friend, Carly, introduced me to a great new product for summer -

The Sun Taker towel

. So I took one for a spin in Montauk a few weeks ago to see if it was as great as it sounded.

The towel in Aqua was a perfect compliment to my new Urban Outfitter high-waist 2 piece. The

ruched bottom

is incredibly stylish for the fearless, and also is great for

bellies that poke out a bit.

The First thing I loved about the SunTaker towel was PACKING!!!

While it acts like a beach towel, it's a fraction of the size leaving more room in your beach bag for trashy novels and other important beach gear.

As you know, I'm a huge fan of the


for beach wear because they are thin, versatile and stylish. Well, the Suntaker towel is all of these things, but it has the added benefit of blocking harmful UV rays. You gotta keep your skin protected during summer. --- hopefully soon they will add stylish prints to the assortment. (hint hint ;) 

So save space, add another layer of protection to your skin - oh and it drys quickly too! ---

Enjoy summer

urban outfitter_bathing suit_ yellow bikini_ sun taker towel_montauk_girl on beach
urban outfitter_bathing suit_ yellow bikini_ sun taker towel_montauk_girl on beach
urban outfitter_bathing suit_ yellow bikini_ sun taker towel_montauk_girl on beach
urban outfitter_bathing suit_ yellow bikini_ sun taker towel_montauk_girl on beach
urban outfitter_bathing suit_ yellow bikini_ sun taker towel_montauk_girl on beach
urban outfitter_bathing suit_ yellow bikini_ sun taker towel_montauk_girl on beach

Bathing Suit: Urban Outfitters




Thanks SunTaker for letting me try out this great product. It is a def summer essential and even better for winter island get-aways with limited luggage space.


Sporty Chic, Made in Brooklyn and Just Cool
Handbag of the Moment | Fashion Cliff notes

Sometimes a picture in your instagram feed actually makes you stop not only to double tap it and <3 it, but also to go as far as checking out it's associated website!   Campos handbags definitely caught my eye with this nutmeg colored leather and sporty stripe. This is totally my kind of bag. It's a classic, uncomplicated shape, but has a twist of cool with the dual tone stripes. 

This bag is trending in so many ways - 

Have you heard of the Sporty Chic trend sweeping Spring and Summer 2014 ???  This bag will fit right in with your designer sweats. 

It's also Local (not sure if it's Organic too?:) All the bags are made at a small handbag factory in Brooklyn by a really awesome guy named Roy.  Years ago I used to go to Roy's factory to have bags made. I would ride my Rock Hopper bike over to the Navy Yard and apparently look famished by the time I got there. He was so kind, he would offer me to make a sandwich as his kitchenette in his office.  I usually took him up on the offer.

Now Roy Campos has a namesake collection of bags with the help of designer Toni Hacker.  All leather and hardware are sourced in America and sewn right here in Brooklyn, New York. There are many more styles with customizable options, but this one is my favorite... bag of the moment.

Photos Courtesy of Campos Leather Handbags

Girl Adventure

As the month of Adventure winds down and we anticipate this long holiday weekend, I wanted to share a fun weekend spent not to far from home (The Hamptons). This most eastern tip of Long Island is such a distinct world of New Yorkers relaxing. Everyone is in flip flips and decidedly laid back, yet with all the modern conveniences NYers cant live without.

This weekend trip was dedicated to girl time (sorry, no C'est Fou). Part of it was spent celebrating a friends upcoming marriage and the rest was spent discovering art with my curating partner from 2NonBlondes.

The Hamptons, Montauk and Shelter Island are a 3 hour drive from the city but take your mind much farther.

Drinking local - totally in

Two friend who no longer live in the same city

One of life's greatest pleasures:
(or a Lover ;)

Not Your Mom's Macramé - Very cool hanging baskets at 

Repurposed Surf Board - Now it's a chair - At Neoteric Gallery

This is the ceiling of our Princess Cottage on Shelter Island. 
Designed my architect William Pedersen.
The skylight is even better at night when the stars are out.

This is the look: Minimal Jewelry, White, Tank Top & a Tan

My Favorite Piece from the Boltax Gallery on Shelter Island.
"With my Coffee Table" by Pasha Radetzki

Art by Print maker Kia Pedersen. Tar on Metal

Artist Kia Pedersen
2Non Blondes have a requisite LOBSTER ROLL at super hip Solé East 

Electric Summer

Art Show
What Gallerists Wear

This is 2 Non Blondes
On August 2nd 2 Non Blondes with Arcilesi & Homberg Fine Art Gallery in Dumbo put on an "Electric Summer" Block Party with art by Andrea Von Bujdoss.

The opening party was under the Archway in Dumbo complete with DJs, Live Graffiti Art, Popsicles and Letter Balloons. See a Video of the event here. 
Party Goers 
The art show titled "Electric Summer" is still up at the Gallery in Dumbo on 111 Front Street until the end of the month. Drop in or call to make an appointment.
Gallery hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm and by appointment.
111 Front Street, Suite 222, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (DUMBO)
212-810-7716 or 347-743-4132

Here we are playing gallerists for a night. Note the Electric Color Dress Code

Following is some of the work available by Andrea Von Bujdoss


Heat, 2013
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 40"  


Yellow Rising, 2013
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 36"

Bad Ass Bitch, 2013
Giclee Print on archival 330 gsm Archival Hot Press Paper
18 x 24".  Edition 10.
$500 unframed
$550 Framed

Confusion, 2013
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 36"

Hot Rebels, 2012
Screenprint on 100lb Archival paper
18 x 15".  Edition 30.
$150 unframed
$200 Framed

Now or Never, 2012
Silver foil screenprint on 100lb Archival paper.
20 x 13"  

So Damn Fresh, 2013
Screenprint on 100lb Archival paper
24 x 18" .  Edition 30.
$250 unframed
$300 framed

Under the Sun, 2013
Giclee print on Archival 330 gsm Archival Hot Press paper
18 x 24" .  Edition 10.
$500 unframed
$550 framed

Retro Two-Piece ReStyled

Square Shoulders, Tribal Jewelry & Skin Tight

This two piece outfit was given to me by my husband's grandmother. She has lived in Brooklyn her entire life and certainly has a sense of style. This vintage apparel from the 80s was kept in pristine condition, as if she knew one day I would come along.

It's an adorable set, but unless I wanted to look like I was time traveling from Heathers, it needed to be broken up with new elements added.




Island State of Mind


Floral Prints, Island spirit & Summer Love

In the spirit of summer and it's fleeting days, I present a Summer Handbag collection from 2009. It's not retro just yet, but it does have a 60s retro print! This is from a collection of handbags I designed years ago called Caribbean Joe. Obviously it's inspired by Island Life with a name like Caribbean Joe so these bags love summer.... or does Summer love these bags. ? .
This is a page from my Portfolio. More of my work like this is on my website.

For this collection I combined some unlikely materials - sporty cotton webbing with a corn husk basket weave. As a designer, I believe combining ideas that would likely be a contradiction with the possibility to clash is what usually produces the most innovative product.

I loved the effect of the webbing all sewn together to create a tote bag.

Happy Last Days of Summer and make use of your Straw bags before it's time to pack them away for winter (remember my last bit of handbag advice - don't do yourself the disservice of carrying around a straw bag in Winter).

Mixer: Thyme for Peaches

In August peaches are in abundance. They are cheap. They are ripe and they are delicious. Why not blend them with a bit of gin and serve it to your girlfriends ?!

Fresh Peaches

THYME FOR PEACHES : It's sweet, earthy and refreshing. With the overload of peaches at the end of summer, this is a great use of the season's bounty. Also see Kristine's peach grilling ideas.

While attending the first Ladies Who Scout meeting over the weekend, we sipped on Frozen Peach Cocktails prepared by Scout Wiley. It's an idyllic drink in the garden especially surrounded by girlfriends. The peaches are sweet, the thyme is earthy and the icy concoction will, well....  "help you hang on".

Hurry before all your peaches are over ripened!!!!!

Peach Cocktail

Recipe Courtesy of McCormick

 ** I took the liberty of giving it a better name = "Thyme for Peaches"


1. For the Thyme Syrup, mix sugar and water in small saucepan. Bring to boil. Remove from heat. Add thyme. Let stand 10 minutes, stirring to dissolve. Strain. Cover and refrigerate until well chilled. .

2. For each cocktail shaker of Peach-Gin Cocktail, fill cocktail shaker half full with cracked ice. Add 1/2 c of the fruit, 1/4 c of the peach schnapps, 1 ounce (2 t) gin, liqueur and Thyme Syrup, and 2 t lime juice. Shake until mixed and chilled. Strain into cocktail glasses (Makes 2)  Repeat with remaining ingredients to make 8 cocktails.

** For Scout Wiley's version - Blend the ice with the ingredients**

Vintage Cocktail Glasses with Thyme garnish

Garnished Glasses waiting for cocktails

Peach Cocktail

No Glass on the Beach

Outfit Ideas For a Beach Party

Outlandish Plastic Accessories find a niche as Beach Wear.
Sometimes a beach day is all about relaxing and jewelry is not part of the look. But on this beach day, it was a friend's birthday party so my attire required some fun elements. (Little Secret: When you can't be the life of the party because you are too tired from working all week, let your accessories do it for you)

The grey and black outfit is made loads more fun with LARGE PLASTIC HOOP EARRINGS and Revlon "Sweetheart Valentine" Hot Pink lipstick.

A floppy sun hat and sunglasses are just sensible in the height of summer. I like this floppy hat from Uniqlo because it's easily packable.
Fluorescent Yellow Beach bag in an Exotic Embossed Vinyl

A Mustache Print Tank top adds some whimsey and is paired with Black Athletic shorts
Note to self: Tuck Tanks IN

Successful and Stylish Beach day Accomplished

*Note - Shoes not pictures but Bensimon Canvas sneakers finished off the look*

Raffia Rules in Summer by Bird Song

raffia handbag, bird song
Maeva Tote by Bird Song:
Summertime, Fun and Laid Back

We are in the home stretch of summer. Now is the time to get in on those end of summer sales! Some people don't like to indulge in a seasonal handbag because it is so season specific

 (though some people may not be aware of "the seasonal bag" - Hello - PLEASE DO NOT WEAR YOUR STRAW BAGS IN THE WINTER - Major Faux Pas)

So if you are one of those people, now is the time to rack up on summer bags which you can wear the rest of this season and save for Summer 2014 - Trust me: (because, you know I'm a handbag designer) Straw will be trending next spring and summer - it always is)

Try this one by French Designer, My-Linh Mary (which is ON SALE!!), and the rest of her collection at Bird Song

FYI - in french, a bag is a SAC

raffia handbag, bird song
More Styles from Bird Song

More Styles from Bird Song

Heat Wave HOW-TO

The third heat wave of the summer has begun in New York City. Now in Louisiana, we would just call this: SUMMER.  Yet in NYC we are extreme wimps when the temp gets over 90 degrees, myself included.

I know just a few months ago I blogged about how exciting summer is because of Campari, Vacations, and Reggae etc. Though we all know, nothing is perfect, even sweet summertime.

So as I take it upon myself to give you advice on handbags, fabulous cocktails and fashionable french vocabulary, I find it necessary to advise on how to best "enjoy" the extreme heat while staying accessorized and cultured.

1. Get to the Beach (or nearest body of Water) and don't forget the Doritos!
Beach Games with Ari in a Vintage Hayden Harnett Bathing Suit

2. Eat more Ice Cream & Milk Shakes
Ice Cream Party at Farmacy in Brooklyn - The hippest old fashioned Soda Shop around. 

3. Invest in a Wide Brim Hat. Cowboy hats are quite the Statement Piece
Accessorize with Turquoise, Braids, Coral lipstick and a Montana Backdrop

4. Let the Cinema cool you off. See this summer's Indie fav: Francis Ha

Printed Pants Go Wild

Printed Pants and Ankle Strap Wedge Sandals are Summer 2013

joe fresh printed pants, shell necklace, wedge sandals joe fresh printed pants, shell necklace, wedge sandals joe fresh printed pants, shell necklace, wedge sandals

Pizazz, Daring, & Spot On

If you were hoping the printed pant trend from last spring would go away, sorry - it's not. Embrace it, I promise you will enjoy this new addition to your wardrobe. It definitely adds pizazz to your look and says you are daring and not afraid to try something new. 

Since it is a trend, you may not want to invest a ton in this. I understand. That is why I got these at Joe Fresh for around $30!!! I know, they look way more expensive! That's why pairing it with stellar accessories is key.


  • The cobalt blue, snake skin Beirn bag plays well with the graphic, Black & White printed pants and still sits well with the solid royal blue fitted tank. 
  • The Black & White shell necklace acquired from the Jade Market in Hong Kong ties the top and bottom together. 
  • The sandals - oh the sandals - A low wedge with thick ankle strap is the one summer shoe you need to have this summer. I like these because all the hardware is like extra jewelry.

Mixers: BRING SUMMER ON with Campari

Campari Soda

Recently I joined a friend for an after work cocktail and some catching up. It was one of those first warm NY days that allowed us to sit outside and enjoy the drink al fresco. 
Thus, what to order?
When the weather changes, your cocktail choices should adjust in the same way your shoe choices change when the temp breaks 75 degrees. (temp is in Fahrenheit ;)

A cold pale beer is a good refreshing choice for this season, but you know what a FANCY refreshing drink is for the summer season???

Campari Soda

Campari Soda, Aranciata, Basket

Campari Recipes
Campari can be served several ways. The back of the bottle offers some suggestions. 
I like it 2 ways

  • Campari with Soda over Ice and a Slice of Orange 

 on the occasion when SanPellegrino Aranciata is available!!!
  • Campari with Aranciata over Ice and a Slice of Orange 

You see, I post a weekly mixer not because I'm obsessed with drinking but because drink choices reflect your style as much as your haircut does.
For instance, when u have a Campari on a summer afternoon it says "I've spent summers in Southern Europe lounging in cafes". Now that is FANCY

Enjoy Summer and all that comes with it.
What is your Go-To Cocktail on a summer afternoon?

Summer Lovin - What to Love

The end of this week will be the Summer Solstice.  It does sorta make me want to worship the sun at this time of year (ok not in super hot Louisiana), but here in the North East, summer is divine. A new season brings new stylish trends and new hair up-dos, but it also brings new adventures. Though, the extra long days are reason enough to celebrate because it allows more time for all things to love about summer.... like.....

biking, queens, graffiti
Urban bike rides with friends in the city is one of the best summer activities. It's social, it's healthy and if you like biking, it's fun. In the city, it's quite an adventure. I love finally getting to bike with out bundling up in cold weather gear. (bike outfit ideas here)  This summer New Yorkers have a bike share program - it's one of the best ideas I've come across. It's also in London and Washington DC
It's also possible to find yourself biking next to Bill Cunningham


Picking fruit from trees and vines in summer time is a clear memory. Eating freshly picked fruit or making pies from fresh berries are part of life's most wonderful simple pleasures. Eat more fresh fruit! and be inspired

At this time of year, even the guys show more skin... The change of season brings out new styles and ideas even vogue could not predict.

glamour sunglasses, vintage bathing suit, head scarf
Beach days  - need i say more?!?!
OK, fine: Coconut cocktails, trashy books, Vintage bathing suits, Jumping in waves, Watermelon... Sun Tan!!!!

If there is a sound of summer, it's reggae. Break out your Bob Marley and chill out. 
These guys were rockin at the Jimmy Cliff, Celebrate Brooklyn Concert last summer.
Currently, this song makes us dance all over the house

Sailing Style
The beach is getting pretty close to one of natures most powerful forces - but steering a vessel in it puts life into perspective! Sailing is also another great excuse to play dress up. Wondering what to wear on a sailing excursion this summer? Ideas that are practical for the sport but SO STYLISH. Here and Here and Here

Train Trip, Summer Vacation
Getting there is half the fun, right? Well, I suppose it depends. But leaving New York via Grand Central Station is very exciting. The station is beautiful, everyone is excitedly rushing off to somewhere, and it's really sweet to meet you love at the clock in the center as you embark on another adventure. Here I was going for a hippie look as we headed up to Woodstock. 

What do you love most about summer???

Adventure Post: Seasons Change

Ari is always a sucker for a kid's Lemonade Stand. He always buys one for himself, one for me and puts the rest of the $ in the tip jar.

It's really sweet even if the lemonade is not.

This post is "bitter sweet" because as Summer ends, so do sidewalk Lemonade Stands.

Riding bikes on Block Island on the 4th of July - These 2 cuties were the perfect break


By the way, this is not a normal Lemonade Stand - This is a Park Slope Kid's Lemonade Stand. They are special :)


...looking forward to apple picking and Fall Accessories...